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Wedding Ceremony Structure

Wedding Ceremony

Below is an example of a typical Wedding ceremony structure in Ireland. 

Bridal entrance song 

Entrance of the Bride & Bridesmaids 

Celebrant Welcome & Introduction 

Ritual 1 - Example Remembrance Candle 

Poem 1

Bridging song

Poem 2

Ritual 2 -  Example Unity candle Part 1

Celebrant - 4 suggestions to couple  

COUPLES STORY & JOURNEY: Celebrant tells the Couple's Story & Journey 

Legal Impediments where a legal Wedding is taking place.

Wedding Vows 

Celebrant hand poem 

Exchange of rings 

Couple Personal Vow’s if desired 

Declaration of Marriage

Ritual 2 - Unity candle part two

Signing of the Marriage register 

Music for signing of marriage register 

Ritual  3 - for example handfasting or 5 short reflections 

Celebrant closing of the ceremony

Final proclamation 

Music - Recessional for Couple going back down the aisle 

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