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How to choose the correct professional Funeral Celebrant in Ireland, for you and your family.

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

A professional Funeral Celebrant (sometimes referred to as; Funeral Officiant, End of Life Celebrant or Celebration of Life Celebrant) has a huge responsibility during the ceremony, to regale and represent the deceased family member in a way that is befitting, respectful and loving.

It is crucial that you really feel that level of care and empathy from your funeral celebrant, before selecting them for the honour of delivering your loved-one's ceremony.

Choosing the right Funeral Officiant/Celebration of LifeCelebrant is very important when arranging a funeral. A funeral celebrant, is somebody who writes and performs funeral and memorial ceremonies.

I offer four pieces of advice when it comes to selecting the right Funeral Celebrant for you:

  1. Narrow your search straightaway by looking for Celebrants with a good number of strong customer reviews

  2. I always advise all of my customers to look for a funeral celebrant online that best fits your loved one's character and thus in the best position to represent them perfectly.

  3. In addition, only select a Funeral Celebrant who is prepared from the outset to invest time in getting to know the deceased's life story, listen to stories and memories about them, as how on earth is it possible to talk passionately and with the required empathy, if your Funeral Celebrant hasn't taken the effort to get to know all about them?

  4. Most importantly, talk with them! Any top Funeral Celebrant would be honoured to have a no-obligation call or set up a Zoom online video call, to tell you all about who they are and how they operate and explain to you how they would go about representing your loved one - it truly is the best way for you to feel that they are right for you and your family.

''I would be delighted to be the Professional Funeral Celebrant,

to help you and your family''.

Having been a Professional Celebrant for many years now, I have learned everything there is to know how to truly learn and absorb everything about somebody's life, in order to then represent them beautifully, within a ceremony.

I’m most proud of my customer reviews. Please click HERE to see what they say about me.

You are very welcome to visit my website too, to find out more: or contact me directly at and i'd be delighted to discuss your thoughts and assist where I can, at this difficult time.


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