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Daragh Doyle Professional Spiritual Counselling

Spiritual Counselling provides you with calm support. The opportunity for your mind to heal, re-balance and even explore, without judgement or prejudice.

Life is full of challenges and is very tough at times. I experience those challenges in my own life and I know it can be difficult to know where to turn at times.


It’s good to talk about problems and to have someone listen.


My own experience has been that introducing an element of spirituality into the process can often be the missing link and bring a sense of inner peace.


Spirituality means different things to different people and there are no rules, regulations or boundaries. 

Daragh Doyle Professional Spiritual Counselling

Even the strongest amongst us, need help sometimes, to reach inside themselves to find the answers and deal with life's challenges.


In addition to my professional training in Spiritual Counselling, I am, by nature, a caring, compassionate person. As well as good listener. I, myself, have had the blessing of receiving spiritual counselling in the past and can vouch first hand, how it positively turned my life around. I will help you do the same.


''I'll be honoured to provide you with one-to-one Spiritual Counselling, should you decide you could benefit from it. In addition to an experienced ear and compassionate nature, i'm also professionally trained, to help you deal with the stresses, strains and even grief, that life throws at us. We can get through this together and you will feel empowered having gone through the experience.''


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